Ways and Means looks for answers following Tax Day IRS glitch

Posted 4/25/2018

The House Ways and Means Committee is seeking answers from the IRS regarding the technical difficulties that forced the agency to extend the tax filing deadline. Issues with IRS systems that allow taxpayers to pay their bills online meant the original deadline of April 17th was extended by 24 hours. The lawmakers are pressing the IRS for answers to a series of questions about the delay by May 4, including whether there were any software issues in addition to a hardware failure, the age of the technology that failed, how the IRS identified and fixed the issue and whether any taxpayer data was compromised. Relatedly, legislation to modernize the IRS technology, which codifies the duties and responsibilities of a newly-created CIO role is currently before the Senate. The House has passed a bill penned by Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI) that would alter the current set-up, in which a chief technology officer and two deputies report to the deputy IRS commissioner f or operations support. The position includes the development and implementation of a multi-year strategic plan that provides specific IT performance measurements, as well as an annual progress report.

The Hill Wall Street Journal